The birth of ROD

Resource On Demand was originally founded by Lee and Theresa Durrant, husband and wife team.

Lee has worked in IT recruitment since 1999, where he originally started out recruiting for telecommunications and network professionals across the UK. Embarrassingly he recollects that Salesforce‘emailing machines’ were not the norm; sending a CV was not at the click of a button and a whole day could be spent licking envelopes. In 2007 his eyes were opened to the wonders of salesforce and cloud computing. Foreseeing a big shift in the technology landscape, Resource On Demand was born and since then has gone on to become a complete and utter specialist in filling digital marketing and sfdc jobs. Although Lee does remain true to his roots and considers himself an expert IT recruiter across the whole technology landscape.

Outside of work, Lee is a keen property investor, football fan and enjoys travelling. Although, you are more likely to see him enjoying the delights of a five star hotel, then backpacking his way around Thailand!

Interesting Fact: Lee used to be a Police Officer with the Met in South East London, but gave it all up for IT recruitment!


SFDCTheresa, manages the daily operations of Resource On Demand and has over twenty years’ experience working in customer facing roles and spent 8 years working at leading London based property management company. Her background is heavily customer service orientated and she puts the delivery of good customer service ahead of everything else. As a self-confessed geek, she is passionate about technology in all of its guises and in addition to helping recruit for the sfdc jobs, can often been seen tinkering with the internal Salesforce system.

For leisure Theresa enjoys painting, walking and volunteers within the local community as a Parish Councillor.

Interesting Fact: Theresa is a diamond and gemstone expert from her early years and still carries around her loupe (or eye glass to the layman)!

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