Take control of your own Personal Development

As new generations enter the workforce, many jobseekers look for work opportunities in companies that will help with their own personal development. But whose responsibility is this really? Is itHuman Capital Management personal development up to employers to provide training or should individuals be taking the initiative if they want to progress in their career?

In terms of Human Capital Management, business are recognising that they do have an important role to play. When they invest in their staff and create a stimulating work environment, it helps to reduce attrition and increases employee engagement which often results in greater productivity. This helps them to retain and develop top talent that contributes to the company success. So it is in a company’s interests to provide training and career development opportunities.

The Development Dilemma

The problem is that often employees will complete the training and gain the benefit from it and then move on elsewhere, so the money and time invested in those employees is benefiting someone else and not the company who provided the training. This dilemma results in companies being selective on who they provide training to, often choosing to invest in employees that show themselves to be proactive and interested in adding more value to the business as well as their own personal development.

One method that companies are in investing in terms of human capital management is gamification. This incorporates self-directed learning into a gaming type platform. It allows employees to create their own persona online, register for and complete training in their own time and gain recognition for their efforts. It’s proving to be a valuable tool because those employees that are really invested in personal development have the opportunity to complete additional training modules and further their own knowledge while at the same time encouraging others to do the same by their example.

But what if the company you work for does not provide these opportunities, or limits them to a select few senior staff? How can you progress in your personal development so that you’re consistently building your career? Here are our top 3 tips:

Set Goals and Objectives

Give some thought as to where you want to me in the short, medium and long term. What type of Human Capital Management role to do you see yourself fulfilling in 5-10 year’s time or by the end of the year? What are the stepping stones to get there? What skills or type of experience will you need and how can you accomplish that?

Asking these questions will help you set clear goals and personal objectives. Remember too, the golden rules of goal setting: Goals should be specific, measurable, action-oriented, reasonable and time-based. Start with weekly goals, setting milestones that are a starting point to reach your long term human capital management goals.

Breaking bigger goals into bite sized chunks not only helps to keep you on track, it’s also extremely rewarding to tick off tasks. It gives you a sense of accomplishment which encourages you to keep moving towards your bigger personal development goals.

Coaching and Mentoring

Find someone who can mentor you and don’t underestimate the value of this. If you have some budget available you may want to invest in a personal or business coach. However, keep in mind that this is the type of relationship that will develop over time and could get quite costly if you choose to have regular weekly or monthly meet up sessions. A coach is someone who is trained (and certified) to help guide you in making decisions and helping you uncover what’s most important to you so that you can then direct your personal development efforts into specific areas of your life.

Mentoring on the other hand may be offered free of charge in an organisation or on an industry forum. This is where more senior people freely give of their time and input and are there to listen to your questions and provide advice based on their personal experience. This could be a senior colleague, manager or even director in the firm.

Keep in mind that a mentor needn’t be someone you meet with in person. You could connect with someone in your industry online and have video chats as mentoring sessions, or have a set up where you can communicate over email or chat.

Finally, there is also the option of reading inspirational stories and books by leading business and industry personalities. These books can provide valuable insights on how they achieved success that you can incorporate into your personal development and goal setting.

Beat the Imposter Phenomenon

Many people don’t progress in their careers, not because they don’t have the skills and abilities, but rather because they don’t believe in themselves. They live with a sense that they’re an imposter and soon someone will find out that they aren’t all they’re supposed to be. Part of personal development is recognising your skills and value you can contribute to a business. Believe in yourself and that you’re worth investing in, because if you do, others will too.

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The HR community has rapidly grown and influenced over 40 million employees, so this promises to be an explosive event.  The event will kick off at the main stage, and will include a ‘Crash Course on the Future’; a look at global HR; product demonstrations and entertainment from hypnotist and mentalist Keith Barry. Not to mention, fantastic networking opportunities.

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Resource On Demand (ROD) is Europe’s first specialist Salesforce Recruitment Agency. They were founded in 2007 and are highly respected across the entire Salesforce ecosystem. Their specialist areas of recruitment include; Salesforce (SFDC); digital marketing and marketing automation technologies, which include Eloqua, Marketo, ExactTarget and Pardot; Human Capital Management (HCM) technologies such as Workday and SAP HCM and SuccessFactors. For more information contact ROD on rod@resourceondemand.com or on 020 8123 7769.


How HCM Software can assist with dismissal best practice

When running a business, it is inevitable that, at some point, there will come a time when you have to let someone go. There are various reasons why this can occur, from poor performance or attitude to the possibility that this particular member of staff decides they need to move on. It’s never an easy situation to tackle when dealing with staff dismissal and employers should always ensure that they are doing so in a fair and rational way. The consequences of unfair dismissal may have serious repercussions further down the line for both the business and the outgoing employee. In this article, we want to look at the best practices for staff dismissal and how employers can make sure this is done in the best possible way, and also how HCM software can help manage the whole process.

Reasons For Dismissal

Employee PerformanceAs previously stated, there are a plethora of reasons why staff dismissal can occur, arguably the most common being failure to do the job. However, capability isn’t by any means the only reason staff are let go. Poor attitude almost always goes hand-in-hand with poor performance. If a member of staff doesn’t have the right attitude for the job they will almost certainly become incapable of performing to the high standards required of them. Poor performance can also stem from a lack of adequate skills required to even get to that high standard, resulting in sub-par results and possibly even leading on to the acquisition of a poor attitude. In these situations, it is highly likely that staff dismissal will occur if improvements are not made in the areas requiring them.

Best Practice For Fair Dismissal

In order to ensure that employers are being fair in their dismissal of staff, there are a number of options they can take to comply with fair dismissal best practice and avoid the charge of unfair dismissal. Disciplinary procedures are a good way of informing staff members that their current trajectory could end up with their dismissal if improvements aren’t made. Informing staff of their under performance is a must if employers are to avoid the risk of being taken to a tribunal over a charge of unfair dismissal. By informing under-performing staff members of their unacceptable traits, business owners are not only giving them the chance to improve, but also covering themselves in the event that said staff members decide to cry unfair dismissal should they decide not to improve their performance.

Another consideration employers should make when dismissing staff is whether the decision to let them go has been thought through thoroughly enough. Letting people go is a process that should never be rushed and, if in doubt, go over the decision again. It pays to be thorough in situations such as these. As mentioned before, it would be unethical to fire someone without prior warning, giving staff the opportunity to improve before letting them go makes sense as you no longer risk wasting the potential of staff members who are unaware they’re under performing. It is also worth noting that allowing someone else to fire members of staff is also extremely unethical. If the decision has been made, it should be the employer directly responsible for said staff members that informs them of their dismissal, no one else.

Staff dismissal should also be done face-to-face rather than via telephone or email, it is a simple display of respect that shows the employer is willing to take responsibility for their decision. Also, ending on a low note can also damage the reputation of the employer as well as the relationship between them and the member of staff being let go. Thanking outgoing employees for their time is a good way of showing respect, after all, at this point it is unknown what position this person could be in in the future that may have a direct effect on the employer.


In summary, staff dismissal should be approached carefully and with a significant amount of forethought with regards to best practices. Luckily, there is IT software out their designed to help with tracking appraisals and reviews that can be a huge help in keeping track of staff performance and providing the necessary data for adequate insight. Human Capital Management (HCM) software systems such as Workday and SAP SuccessFactors can provide invaluable help for feeding back to individuals, these can also, therefore, assist in avoiding unfair dismissal claims altogether and are well worth a look.

Resource On Demand (ROD) is Europe’s first specialist Salesforce Recruitment Agency.  They were founded in 2007 and are highly respected across the entire Salesforce ecosystem. Their specialist areas of recruitment include; Salesforce (SFDC); digital marketing and marketing automation technologies, which include Eloqua, Marketo, ExactTarget and Pardot; Human Capital Management (HCM) technologies such as Workday and SAP HCM and SuccessFactors.  For more information contact ROD on rod@resourceondemand.com or on 020 8123 7769.